Metaş Solar Panel Agreement

Metaş Mining firm to the End Development Agency, which will be held with the support of 210 Kw solar panel system won the tender Konya Seiso Energy Systems Engineering Industry. ve Tic. Inc. 07/25/2014 with ...
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Solar Panel Tender Result

Ahi Development Agency Metaş mining company to support the 210 kW solar power plant tender was concluded on 21.7.2014. Tender Konya Seiso Energy Systems Engineering ...
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Metas 210 kW Solar Panel System Auction

Metaş mining End. Tic., Ahi Development Agency 2014 Sectoral Competitiveness in Nevsehir on financial support under the Financial Assistance Program 210 kW Solar Panel ...
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Pumice of textiles

Pumice in Agriculture


Heel Stone

What is Pumice?

Pumice comes from the Italian language and is named differently in different languages. In Turkish, it pumice, stone corn, straw, move, move are known by names such as the heel.

Pumice is a volcanic rock types. It is a volcanic glass structure. On earth and the most widely used type of pumice it is acidic. Such white is the color of dirty. And sudden cooling of the body during the formation of gas as a result of the sudden abandonment has become very porous structure. The pores are not connected with each other. Density 0.5-1 g / cm3 range. Due to the greater porosity of pumice heat and sound permeability it is very low. It does not contain crystal water.

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