Metas 210 kW Solar Panel System Contract Signed

Metaş mining firm to the End Development Agency to be made with the support of 210 Kw solar panel system won the tender Konya Seiso Energy Systems Engineering Industry. ve Tic. Inc. Friday 07/25/2014 with our factory block pumice Board Member Mr. Mustafa Ertas and Seiso contract was signed between the Vice Chairman Ismail Hakki Karaca.

Our factory held a signing ceremony in speaking BlokBims Board Member Mustafa Ertas, the energy of the impact the current account deficit in Turkey is a high rate for deficit reduction is reminiscent made serious legislative work related to electricity generation from the sun Ertas, said the company can meet the electricity with their own resources and will increase investors.

Ertas, more respectful of the environment with 210 kW solar panel system is producing more natural products, he said both the countries they plan to help the economy to the environment.

Ahi Development Agency-funded project is scheduled for completion in the September-October.

Referring also to the support of the End Development Agency Ertas; "The use of this type of public resources to improve both companies said that the city is well located."