Our company since 1986 on the pumice and pumice mining, which has the world's highest-quality reserves Nevsehir has been operating in the region. GROUP ERTAŞ Product pumice skin as the largest company in the country in the production of insulated lightweight constructions. Construction, Mining, Shipping and Oil and Chimney Systems has made our company as a result of operating in R & D activities are continuously involved with new product concepts. Total Quality Management ISO 9001-2000 in our company are applied. In addition, our products TSE also has CE quality documents with certificates of conformity to European standards.

Our company in 1993, the mine to operate in the business field of pumice reserves in our country has been established that a very large part of the district of Nevsehir province Capaddocia.

Since its establishment, our company ceaseless production today, pumice quality produced by external causes has made a name in the domestic market as well as THE MARKET.

600 ton / day capacity in every size with pumice our company engaged in the production, according to the requests of our customers to 365 days as packaged and bulk shipments.