What is Pumice?

Pumice comes from the Italian language and is named differently in different languages. In the Turkish pumice, stone corn, straw moves, with names such as topuktaş bilinmektedir.pomz to (pumice) is a type of volcanic rock. It is a volcanic glass structure. On earth and the most widely used type of pumice it is acidic. Such white is the color of dirty. And sudden cooling of the body during the formation of gas as a result of the sudden abandonment has become very porous structure. The pores are not connected with each other. Density 0.5-1 g / cm3 range. Due to the greater porosity of pumice heat and sound permeability it is very low. Crystal water contained in the depths of etmez.düny shell, a magma pockets formed by partial melting of basalt. Very high pressure in the magma normally liquid or gas that can absorb all the substances. (H2O, CO2, F) time, the pressure on the magma pockets, reduces the influence of ground movements. Earth movements occurs, it starts a volcanic eruption magma and gases erupt from.

The viscosity magma through the release of gases increases very quickly and solidification temperature rises. Thus, magma foam, into pieces and generates pumice stone so we know substance. This material is thrown from the crater of a huge gas explosion in the air and dispersed into the environment. Britannica Encyclopedia of pumice (pumice) for the description is as follows. "Cleaning and polishing abrasive which is used as a highly porous, frozen volcanic glass. It is also used as building material. "Pumice (pumice), many types of rocks is not had time to crystallize due to the sudden cooling. The steam released suddenly dissolved and extrusion of when solidified forms a porous structure. When these conditions occur every type of lava, we gelebilir.üret into pumice pumice (pumice) is soft category. Our company production, pumice (pumice) are in the volcanic gravel, it makes great efforts to extracting other foreign substances. After screening pumice size of each group of the same size. The washing process is performed to clean the product and then dried. Pumice to be used in the textile industry are being eliminated 1-7 cm are rounded to the grain size and subjected tamburlanarak in sufficient time. For this sector, we üretilmektedir.üret white pumice pumice (pumice) are packed in plastic bags. (Sent by bulk shipping in the order line.) Our production is adjusted according to sales and higher amounts are kept in stock, which is why the installation for reasons such as the decay of the sack, transport, and unloading problems are experienced, such as the collapse of pumice in the storage process in the destination.


In summary 1.yüzyıl BC architecture of Vitruvio it is mentioned pumice stone. Vitruvio stack defines a swimmer in the water so light. Also indicates that the sanitary and the water absorption. Ancient Romans used pumice stone time mostly in the construction of thermal baths and temples. Some of these works can still be seen. The most obvious examples of the period is the Roman Pantheon and St. Sophia Church in Istanbul. Germany has been used in the Rhinenland in the 1800's. The interest shown across Europe pumice stone. The US also use the pumice stone as building materials began in California in the mid-18th century. In the last 30 years the development of technology and increased environmental awareness has spread the use pumice stone.